In addition to general business law, our fields of expertise are:


We are renown for our expertise on leasing, hire-purchase and other asset-backed financing and related assignments and refinancing issues. We also provide advice on all aspects of lending and financing. 


Insolvency cases vary from voluntary arrangements between the company, its shareholders and creditors to statutory bankruptcy and business reorganization proceedings.  We safeguard the interests of our client in the proceedings.  We also act as a receiver of a bankruptcy estate or a trustee of reorganization.


Together with routine issues related to foundation or operations of a company, we are able to take care of more complex issues related to, i.a., any changes of company form, statutes or share capital, redemptions of shares, merger, relationships between the shareholders, the company, the board members and/or other organs of the company.


We advise clients in disputes avoidance and management. However, disputes may not always be avoided.  Once the arbitration or litigation proceedings turn out imminent, we counsel and represent our clients in the proceedings.